About Octant

About Octant

Our mission is to become the first self-sustaining global public goods funding (PGF) ecosystem balancing the common good & individual financial empowerment.

Through Octant, you can fund public goods projects and get ETH rewards by participating in our epoch funding rounds. You can vote in the distribution of Octant funds, by locking a minimum of 100 GLM into the Octant contract.

To date, we’ve distributed over $2M to 52+ projects in grants funding, over a course of 3 epochs and 1 community round.

Our epoch grantees include: Protocol Guild, Gitcoin, Kernel, rotki, Tor Project, Giveth, Drips, Glo Dollar, Open Source Observer (OSO), BrightID, and Hypercerts to name a few.

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Octant Funding

Our parent organization, Golem Foundation, stakes 100,000 ETH to help the Ethereum network reach consensus. Every 90 days, a fraction of the staking rewards is used to fund the Octant reward pool.

Learn more about Golem Foundation.

Octant rewards

The Octant reward pool is split into User Rewards and Matched Rewards. To participate in the distribution of Octant funds, users must lock a minimum of 100 GLM into the Octant contract. Users with an effective locked balance of at least 100 GLM become eligible for User Rewards. User Rewards are calculated using a time-weighted average (the greater the volume of GLM locked and the longer its duration, the higher the reward).

The GLM time-locking mechanism is non-custodial. Octant users retain full control of their tokens and can withdraw their GLM at any time. Lowering the lock-in amount during an epoch will recalibrate the user's time-weighted average to reflect the smallest locked amount. If the effective locked balance falls below 100 GLM, no rewards will be calculated.

At the beginning of a new epoch, users with valid lock-ins will have a two-week-long decision window during which they can claim their User Rewards for themselves or donate their share of Octant rewards, in part or in full, to one or more eligible public goods projects. The impact of each individual donation is be magnified through Matched Rewards.