Epoch 3 Cohort: 🪩 NiceNode
By Mashal Waqar
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Epoch 3 Cohort: 🪩 NiceNode

Run a node at home. the easy way

This interview is a part of our on-going series, where we highlight our epoch 3 participants.

What's NiceNode?

Run a node at home. the easy way. Set up a node in no-time on every modern computer without any technical knowledge.

Why should Octant users vote for NiceNode in epoch 3?

Web3 represents a transformative shift, aiming to return power to the hands of the people. At NiceNode, we are committed to making this a reality by enabling users to effortlessly run nodes, manage Web3 infrastructure, and utilize various services through our user-friendly application. We believe that technical barriers should not prevent anyone from participating in the Web3 revolution. With NiceNode, there’s no need to memorize complex commands or have deep technical knowledge—you can get involved and make a difference with just a few clicks.

Your project is interesting because:

  • Ethereum, Optimism, Base, Arbitrum, and Farcaster node options are available now.
  • The core of NiceNode is generalized to easily add new node options by supporting any containerized infra - See our impact here.

The latest progress:

  • Impact dashboard (MVP) at https://impact.nicenode.xyz 2 showing active monthly node counts
  • First time work for infra done, so additional changes and dashboards will be easier moving forward
  • Internal changes to better support running nodes for any given chain-id
  • Helps OP Stack nodes in NiceNode be able to support new chains that haven’t been explicitly added into NiceNode
  • Early user testing and integration for new OP Stack clients - Hildr (Java) and Magi (Rust)
  • Github discussion with Hildr team here
  • Cleanup configuration for Sepolia and Holesky networks as Goerli network was deprecated
  • Setup end-to-end testing framework for NiceNode to improve app reliability and reduce manual testing
  • OP Stack and Arbitrum node changes and testing for Blob support in the Ethereum Dencun upgrade (EIP 4844)
  • Add fun “node” options (maybe better described as “server”) Minecraft and Home Assistant and testing a new version of Radicle - decentralized github
  • Testing potential Mac stability improvements with Podman v5
  • NiceNode uses Podman to run nodes
  • Podman v5 uses Apple native Virtual Machine software which vastly improves node performance on Mac
  • Release in ~1-2 months
  • Small changes and testing to prepare for Arbitrum Orbit node support

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By Mashal Waqar
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