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Epoch 3 Cohort: 🤝🚀 Funding The Commons
By Mashal Waqar
2 min read

Epoch 3 Cohort: 🤝🚀 Funding The Commons

Funding the Commons is an ecosystem developing activities that support the creation of new models and mechanisms for funding public goods.

This interview is a part of our on-going series, where we highlight our epoch 3 participants.

What's Funding The Commons?

Funding the Commons is an ecosystem developing activities that support the creation of new models and mechanisms for funding public goods. We integrate diverse communities from Web2, Web3, research, philanthropy, and various sectors to foster a dynamic funding environment, further connecting these groups through international conferences, hackathons, and the incubation of impactful projects.

Why should Octant users vote for Funding The Commons in epoch 3?

Funding the Commons facilitates an ecosystem where builders, funders, researchers, and academics can connect, significantly accelerating innovation and increasing the visibility of important projects. Those who participate in FtC events tap into a hyper-targeted environment that attracts committed funders and integrates them into the Octant community.

We bring:

  • Visibility and engagement: At events like the workshop featuring Artem B. at #FtCBerkeley, alongside projects like Hypercerts and Drips, Octant is actively highlighted, fostering broad exposure and engagement.
  • Networking and collaboration: Octant-funded projects, such as the highly supported Tor Project, have opportunities to meet, share best practices, and open new paths for collaboration, enriching their development and community impact."

Your project is interesting because:

We create a powerful ecosystem that drives innovation and collaboration in public goods funding:  

  • Connect Experts: We bridge builders, researchers, and funders, hosting over 10 international conferences with 5,000+ participants to accelerate project development.
  • Attract Funding: Through targeted events, we enhance community commitment and have facilitated over $2 million in project funding last year.
  • Increase Visibility: Our efforts have garnered over 1 million digital media impressions, significantly boosting our sector influence.
  • Facilitate Collaboration: We enable productive interactions and knowledge sharing, leading to the incubation of 15 new projects achieving their milestones.
  • Achieve Results: Our projects deliver measurable outcomes and strong community support, with a 40% growth in our active community, now over 20,000 members strong.

Progress in the last 3 months:

We've recently hosted a successful event in Berkeley with 450 attendees. Looking ahead, we are organizing Funding the Commons events in Tokyo for July and in Bangkok for November, as well as an Earth Commons event in Switzerland this September. We will also be launching a residency program for active builders and a multi-track hackathon.

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By Mashal Waqar
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