Epoch 3 Cohort: 🙏 Praise
By Marta Brewer
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Epoch 3 Cohort: 🙏 Praise

Praise is a community intelligence system that promotes active participation and collaboration through peer recognition and rewards.

This interview is a part of our on-going series, where we highlight our epoch 3 participants.

What's Praise?

Praise is a community intelligence system that promotes active participation and collaboration through peer recognition and rewards.

Why should Octant users vote for Praise in epoch 3?

Because we are dedicated to community-driven growth and aim to become the primary tool for governance within Octant. Your support in this round is essential for us to continue our mission and further develop Praise to better serve the needs of the community.

Your project is interesting because:

We strive to improve governance processes from the community:  

  • We believe in creating an on-chain reputation based on recognitions for the Octant community.  
  • We aim to address governance issues through an on-chain record of contributions.

We're creating a culture of appreciation in web3:    

  • We seek to enhance the well-being of contributors through a culture of appreciation.  
  • Recognizing that individual efforts can go unnoticed in large communities, we emphasize the importance of recognition to foster a sense of belonging and improve the user experience.  

We use information with purpose:  

  • Each recognition gathers data, which is then leveraged with artificial intelligence to generate insights into members' contributions.  
  • We strive to become a system with community intelligence to organize data effectively.  

Our achievements to date:  

  • We have achieved integration into 22 prominent projects, including Optimism, Shapeshift, Bankless, and Giveth, among others.  
  • With 1563 individuals giving recognitions, we have sent over 58,000 recognitions.

Our long-term plan:    

  • Our goal is to become the primary reputation tool for governance, benefiting the entire Octant community.

Progress in the last 3 months:

  • Transition in Leadership: Dani has been warmly welcomed as the new Praise Lead, ready to lead our expansion, beginning with the Optimism network. Her primary objectives will revolve around boosting user numbers and strengthening our platform's visibility through tailored community engagements and strategic social media initiatives.  
  • Engagement with the Community: We've sustained explorers and administrative panels for 21 communities, introduced a tutorial encouraging meaningful participation, and pursued other initiatives.  
  • Expansion On-Chain: Significant headway has been made in broadening on-chain representations of praise through attestations, thereby improving transparency and acknowledgment processes.

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