Epoch 3 Cohort: 🔵 ReFi DAO
By Marta Brewer
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Epoch 3 Cohort: 🔵 ReFi DAO

ReFi DAO is leveraging web3 tech to regenerate Earth’s ecosystems and promote systems that emphasize ecological and social well-being.

This interview is a part of our on-going series, where we highlight our epoch 3 participants.

What's ReFi DAO?

ReFi DAO is a pioneering force in the Regenerative Finance (ReFi) movement, leveraging web3 technologies to regenerate Earth’s ecosystems and promote systems that emphasize ecological and social well-being. Acting as a catalyst for change, we foster a global network of regenerative founders, investors, and builders, using open-source technology, transparency, and decentralization to create sustainable, inclusive, and equitable economic systems. Through initiatives such as ReFi Local Nodes and the our media network, we aim empower communities worldwide to deploy impactful solutions, fostering long-term sustainability and resilience in diverse regions.

Why should Octant users vote for ReFi DAO in epoch 3?

By supporting ReFi DAO, the Octant community can help to expand a proven model of environmental and social regeneration that combines local action with global network support. Our initiatives like the ReFi Local Nodes are already making measurable impacts by enabling communities to deploy solutions tailored to their unique challenges and we have many ideas for how to further expand and support this network with developments such as the ReFi Passport. A vote for ReFi DAO is a vote for a resilient, equitable future, where technology serves the planet and its people, fostering a sustainable ecosystem that benefits all.

Your project is interesting because:

Global Expansion of ReFi Local Nodes: Invested over $55,000 in grassroots projects through 30+ active local nodes worldwide, significantly impacting economic opportunities and resource accessibility.

Educational Outreach & Community Engagement: Achieved 80,000+ downloads for the ReFi Podcast and led over 100 events in 58 cities, spreading awareness and engaging communities in regenerative finance discussions.

ReFi Reputation & Passport: Developing a ReFi Passport & Reputation Points system with Trusted Seed and Regen Score.

ReFi EBF & Web-of-Trust: Initiating a research project to integrate the Ecological Benefits Framework (EBF) with Web3 technologies, aiming to establish a decentralized network for validating ecological impacts.

ReFi DAO 2.0 & Local Node Funding Round: Preparing for a new funding round with support from ReFi Medellin, EcoSynthesisX, and Celo Regional DAOs to advance the next phase of ReFi DAO and Local Nodes.

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