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By Matt Innes Wlodek Gogloza
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Octant Epoch Two allocation starts today!

Exciting news! The Epoch Two allocation window begins today at 5 PM CET! You have until January 31, 2024, at 5:00 PM CET to decide how to use your individual rewards. You can either: πŸ’° Claim the rewards for yourself. πŸ’š Donate all or a portion to any of the 24

Exciting news! The Epoch Two allocation window begins today at 5 PM CET! You have until January 31, 2024, at 5:00 PM CET to decide how to use your individual rewards.

You can either:
πŸ’° Claim the rewards for yourself.
πŸ’š Donate all or a portion to any of the 24 shortlisted public goods projects.
🟒 Allocate them to the Octant Matching Fund, using the Patron mode.

Octant rewards active participation. So, if you don't take any of the actions listed above, during the Allocation Window, your rewards will be returned to the Golem Foundation!

We're introducing some changes to the allocation process for Epoch Two, so depending on how you allocate, the experience might be different. Read on for a walkthrough of the major changes.

Manual Allocation

New manual allocation flow

❌ Before: you could only use the slider to allocate, and then make manual adjustments. This worked fine if you just used the slider, but quickly got awkward if you made manual adjustments afterwards. You can still use the slider to auto-allocate across all your selected projects and yourself. That has not changed.

βœ… Now: you can also click the donation amount input on a tile to directly edit it in place (no modal! πŸŽ‰). This will move you into manual edit mode, indicated by the manual badge on the slider tile.

Allocate whatever you want, within your budget, to any project. Inputs will shake and reset if you try to allocate more than you have available.

You are no longer splitting your rewards across all projects, instead anything you donate to a project will be subtracted from your maximum personal allocation, and the slider will move to show this.

Main changes to the Allocate view

Impact Preview

βœ… You can also now preview the live impact of your donation. Whether you use the slider or allocate manually, project tiles will now update on each change you make to show you a preview of your impact.

After you change your donation, the app will calculate the impact, and then briefly show your donation plus the current matched funding. If the project is still below threshold it will update the line graph to show how much your donation will move it.

New Allocation Summary

βœ… The process for changing your mind after you allocate is simpler now. Instead of a temporary view, now your allocation summary is shown in the Allocate view. If you want to change it, simply click or tap Edit, make your changes, and then re-confirm in your wallet.

Remove projects

❌ Before: you could only remove projects by going back to the Project view and tapping the heart again.

βœ… Now: you can slide or click & drag any project tile to show the remove button.

Note that in this iteration you can't remove projects you already allocated to this way. To do that you need to allocate zero to the project and confirm it in your wallet. We'll improve this with another iteration soon.

How to Maximize the Impact of Your Donations

When making donation decisions in Octant, there are two key factors:

First, projects must reach a minimum funding threshold to receive funds. This threshold is set based on the total number of shortlisted projects; with 24 projects in this round, each needs 1/48th of the total donations from Epoch Two. If a project doesn't meet this threshold, its funds are returned to the Golem Foundation.

Second, every donation to a project above this funding threshold receives a substantial boost from the Octant Matching Fund. The amount of this boost inversely relates to the community’s overall donation rate. A lower donation rate means a larger boost to your donation, ensuring your contribution remains impactful, even if many opt to retain their rewards. In Epoch One, individual donations to shortlisted projects were amplified by an average factor of 41!

Allocations are conducted off-chain and are gasless. You're free to adjust your donation choices as often as needed, while the Allocation Window is open. As part of our active community, we recommend staying informed about collective trends and being adaptable with your allocations. If a project you're supporting has already surpassed its funding goal, consider shifting your support to another project nearing its threshold. Keep in mind that others might also adjust their choices, so we recommend staying updated through frequent reviews.

Claimed Rewards Withdrawal Process

If you’ve opted to claim a portion or the entirety of your User Rewards, you'll have the opportunity to transfer the claimed ETH to your wallet once the allocation window concludes (post-January 31, 2024).

For enhanced security, the withdrawal process is manually activated by the Octant team. Stay updated through our Twitter and Discord announcements.

Please be aware that withdrawals occur on-chain, meaning you'll need to cover any related gas fees.

Need Help?

If you've got questions about how Octant works or how to navigate the app, check out our FAQs and 'Using the App' sections in the Docs.

If you experience any issues with the Octant app, you can reach out for support on our dedicated Discord channel.

And finally, for UI and UX feedback, we have a separate Discord channel here.

By Matt Innes Wlodek Gogloza
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