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Introducing Epoch 3 Cohort: 🛡️Shielded Voting
By Mashal Waqar
2 min read

Introducing Epoch 3 Cohort: 🛡️Shielded Voting

A project by Shutter Network to increase the fairness and integrity of DAO votes on Snapshot using threshold encryption.

This interview is a part of our on-going series, where we highlight our epoch 3 participants.

What's Shielded Voting?

A project by Shutter Network to increase the fairness and integrity of DAO votes on Snapshot using threshold encryption.

Why should Octant users vote for Shielded Voting in epoch 3?

Every vote on Shielded Voting ensures the integrity, confidentiality, and fairness of voting processes within decentralized communities. With the adoption of Shielded Voting, which has been successfully implemented in 382 unique spaces on Snapshot, Shielded Voting advances the governance systems of DAOs

DAOs face persistent challenges such as voter apathy, manipulation, and privacy concerns, which can undermine the democratic process and lead to unrepresentative outcomes. Our proposed solution through Shielded Voting is built with the use of threshold encryption to conceal individual votes during the voting process. This method not only enhances voter confidentiality and ensures fairness by preventing early trend influence but also protects against last-minute token acquisitions aimed at manipulating outcomes.

Our plans don’t stop there; we are committed to extending the benefits of Shielded Voting to more governance protocols. We aim to integrate Shielded Voting into on-chain Snapshot, Kleros, and Fractal, broadening its application to ensure that more communities can benefit from secure and equitable voting mechanisms

By voting for us, you empower DAOs with a voting system that is resistant to censorship and manipulation by large token holders, promoting a more balanced and equitable governance environment. This is essential for maintaining the trust and engagement of all community members, crucial for the long-term success and legitimacy of DAOs.

Your project is interesting because:

  • 382 unique DAOs on Snapshot
  • 2,330 shielded proposals
  • 216,805 shielded votes

Progress in the last 3 months:

  • Maintenance of Shielded Voting on Snapshot
  • Ongoing efforts to sign up and onboard more DAOs to Shielded Voting on Snapshot
  • Discussions with Kleros to integrate Shielded Voting on Kleros
  • Discussions with Fractal to integrate Shielded Voting on Fractal
  • Developing the technical architecture and specifications for Shielded Voting for onchain governance
  • Published the Shutter vision and roadmap 2024
  • Secured two additional small grants
  • Research on how Shielded Voting can use Drips Network to collect funding our work and also provide funding to our FOOS/OSS dependencies

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By Mashal Waqar
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Epoch 3