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Epoch 3 Cohort: ⚖️ Pairwise
By Marta Brewer
2 min read

Epoch 3 Cohort: ⚖️ Pairwise

Pairwise was designed to make voting to distribute RetroPGF simple and fun.

This interview is a part of our on-going series, where we highlight our epoch 3 participants.

What's Pairwise?

Pairwise was designed to make voting to distribute RetroPGF simple and fun. Pairwise is an open-source, off-chain voting dapp (like Snapshot) that streamlines community signaling by letting users select between just two options and then aggregating their choices into a quantifiable result. Pairwise is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing users to make many simple choices and then the algorithm behind the scenes pumps out a final ranking for them to adjust or approve.

Why should Octant users vote for Pairwise in epoch 3?

Supporting Pairwise in this epoch is an investment in refining our collective decision-making and enhancing engagement. Voting shouldn’t have to feel like work. It should be fun and rewarding! It will feel like a tournament-esque competition where participants discover their own preferences and a lot of cool projects. Voters will talk about their opinions on Twitter and IRL while anticipating the voting results. The voting process is simple and fun, it can be done in one solid hack sesh or, since your voting progress will be saved, it can be done in many parts during boring calls and while you have free moments throughout the week. The voting experience will feel less like voting and more like scrolling on social media or swiping on a dating app.

Your project is interesting because:

  • Streamlined Voting: simplifies decisions by presenting two options at a time.
  • Strong Engagement: over 19,000 rankings made, including 4,838 by badgeholders.    
  • Adaptive Features: rapid feature implementation in response to user feedback.
  • Community Impact: enhanced the RetroPGF voting experience, making it more engaging.
  • Open Source: fully transparent and collaborative project.    
  • User-Friendly: designed for ease, resembling social media navigation.

Progress in the last 3 months:

We have been working on developing a new version of Pairwise, tailored to support RetroPGF (Retroactive Public Goods Funding). RetroPGF rewards projects contributions after they have occurred, reducing bureaucracy and fostering a free-market environment where public goods projects compete to make the most impact in the ecosystem.  Leveraging our experience as RetroPGF tooling on Optimism, we have gained valuable insights and will continue to refine our project to meet the broader ecosystem’s needs. We understand that each community may prefer a customized front-end; for instance, if you are funding builders on Optimism, you wouldn’t want the front end to prompt applications for building on Arbitrum or any other ecosystem. With that in mind, all our code is open-source, allowing anyone to fork and build upon our work, showcasing the true spirit of open-source collaboration.

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By Marta Brewer
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