Projects Participating in Epoch 3
By Mashal Waqar
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Projects Participating in Epoch 3

🌐 MetaGov is a nonprofit collective that produces research and standards, and builds communities enabling self-governance in the digital age.

🐍 is an open source library that connects Python developers to Ethereum.

Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) is an infrastructure public good for making attestations onchain or offchain about anything. It's open-source, permissionless, and token-free.

🔵 ReFi DAO is developing public goods for the ReFi ecosystem—tools, knowledge resources, and community networks—that facilitate the growth of ReFi and regenerative practices across the globe.

🥧 is a public goods data platform designed specifically for Ethereum scaling solutions to analyze fundamentals as well as more detailed blockspace usage with a curated set of categories.

🔒 Boring Security is a community-driven project making security education more accessible for everyone.

🌱 Gardens is helping communities and projects in the real world coordinate and allocate resources more efficiently and with minimal administrative overhead.

🟢 NiceNode helps people run a node at home easily.

📰 ETH Daily is a daily podcast and newsletter that provides a roundup of the latest news about Ethereum.

⚙️ web3.js is one of the most significant libraries within the Ethereum ecosystem to build tools and decentralized applications (dApps), thereby facilitating the creation of value on top of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and EVM compatible blockchains.

🐦 rotki is the local-first and open-source portfolio management tool for all your crypto and financial needs.

💚 Gitcoin creates onchain grants and identity management solutions that let communities govern their shared resources with trust and transparency.

☀️ Glo Dollar is the anti-poverty stablecoin: as market cap goes up, revenue is generated and directed to lifting people out of extreme poverty.

🙏 Praise is a peer-recognition tool boosting community intelligence and collaboration with rewards, tested by Giveth, BanklessDAO, and others!

🌟 Hypercerts are the web3 standard for impact certificates.

⛓️🛡 Protocol Guild is a collective of Ethereum contributors, who have a high-impact track record of core protocol research, implementation and stewardship.

🧅 Tor Project allows users to browse privately and explore freely. They’re a nonprofit defending your privacy and freedom online.

⚖️ Pairwise is an open-source dapp that streamlines community decisions and aggregates these choices into clear recommendations.

🐱 Ethereum Cat Herders (ECH) is decentralized project management to support the Ethereum Network.

🥩 EthStaker is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting solo stakers and the decentralization of the consensus layer.

🐙 MetaGame is building an ecosystem of DAOs & resources for building DAOs with the goal of offering an alternative career path for corporats & recovering degens.

💧DAO Drops is the public goods arm of dOrg, an OG services DAO that's building open source tools for decentralized communities.

🛡 provides free and open source tools that crypto users can use to keep themselves safe. This includes a token approvals dashboard and a pre-transaction check browser extension.

💗 L2BEAT is dedicated to providing on-chain transparency. They strive to be an impartial and independent watchdog that acts in the best interest of users and the broader L2 ecosystem, while remaining credibly neutral and faithful to reality and facts.

🗳 Shielded Voting increases fairness & integrity of DAO votes on Snapshot using threshold encryption to hide how participants vote until after the vote closes.

🐻 Open Source Observer (OSO) helps funders use data to measure the impact of open source software contributions.

💧 Drips is a decentralized toolkit that enables any organization to continuously fund their critical software dependencies, without any platform fees.

🤝🚀 Funding the Commons facilitates an ecosystem where builders, funders, researchers, and academics can connect, significantly accelerating innovation and increasing the visibility of important projects.

💜 Giveth is a zero-fee, year-round, multichain donation platform that offers quadratic funding, public good project verification & rewards for donors.

🖥 StateOfETH aims to monitor attack vectors and bridge the gap between data and education.

Allocation Deadline: 30 April, 2024 | 9 am PST
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