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By Mattias Nystrom
2 min read

💚 Epoch 3 Updates and Allocation Window

Details about Octant's new changes in Epoch 3.

The most awaited part of our epoch is finally here! Our Allocation Window for Epoch 3 kicks off today, at 6 pm CET/ 9 am PST!

If you’ve locked GLM into Octant, you have until April 30, 2024 (6 pm CET/9 am PST) to decide how to utilize your rewards.

⚫️ What’s new in Epoch 3?

1. More projects to choose from: this epoch, we’ve grown from 24 to 30 innovative projects! Whether you’re interested in tech, sustainability, governance research, or community development— we’ve got a more diverse group of projects, and there’s something for everyone.

2. Improved funding formula: we’ve refined the minimum funding threshold to 1/30 of total donations. This adjustment enhances the impact of every dollar donated. Achieving funding goals in this epoch will be more challenging but it's also going to be more rewarding for projects.

3. Enhanced decision-making: with the integration of multisig support, your allocations are now more secure and benefit from collaborative decision-making. This technology will ensure that funding decisions are robust and reflective of collective community input.

🔒 Lock your GLM now

Good news! Your locked GLM is already earning rewards for Epoch 4!

Want to maximize those rewards? Now's the time to increase your lock. If you've decided to claim some rewards, consider swapping them for GLM and locking them back into Octant.

✅ If you're new to Octant, this is the perfect time to join – rewards are time-weighted, so the earlier you start, the more you'll earn.

💰 Stay active, stay engaged

We reward active participation at Octant. Adjust your allocations at any time before the window closes to reflect your latest preferences.

Your allocation options:

  • Claim your rewards: opt to have your rewards allocated to you after the allocation window closes.
  • Support public goods projects: Donate some or all of your rewards to any of the 30 shortlisted projects. Thanks to the Octant Matching Fund, your contributions will receive a substantial boost.
  • Patron Mode: Directly contribute to the Octant Matching Fund to further empower the ecosystem.

Unallocated rewards will be forfeited to ensure that all resources are utilized by engaged community members.

Need help?

  • For questions about how Octant works or how to navigate the app, check out our FAQs and 'Using the App' sections in the Docs.
  • For issues with the Octant app, reach out for support on our dedicated #🆘_help Discord channel.
  • For useful tips and insights on how to maximize the impact of your donations, read our Epoch 2 Allocation Window blog post.
  • For UI and UX feedback, reach out on the #👂_octant-feedback Discord channel.

💚 Join our community call

It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the projects and to engage with other community members.

🗓️ Thursday, 18 April @ 6 pm CET on our Octant Discord.

✅ Share your project
Sign up here to present your project during one of our Thursday community calls. Presentation slots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

We encourage you to stay informed and actively involved. Dive into the Octant App today, make your allocations, and help shape the future of our ecosystem.

By Mattias Nystrom
Updated on
Epoch 3